Why Your Business NEEDS to be Successful on Pinterest

If you’ve landed on this page, you may be wondering about Pinterest.

  • Should you be on it?
  • And if so … how are you ever going to fit it into your schedule?
  • And if you’re already on it … you may wonder why you’re not seeing the crazy benefits and traffic that some of your colleagues are reporting.
  • Maybe you’d prefer to turn it all over to someone else.
  • Or maybe you just want to learn to do it better yourself!

I can help with all of that!

But first let’s talk about …  Why Pinterest?

I could write pages about this … but let me sum it up in one word:   TRAFFIC!

OK, to be honest, there are a few other related benefits, including exposure, lead generation, and ultimately – monetization.

You yourself know how much effort – and time – goes into creating a post on your site … or a product for sale.   One of the most important reasons to be on Pinterest is how widely your content can be shared – by others – once you’ve created it … and for how long.

An excellent post from Anna Bennett of White Glove Social Media Marketing, “Why Pinterest Matters to Your Business”,  shows the relative “shelf-life” of a social media post (the period during which people continue to see and engage with it).

Chart showing social media content shelf life
If you’re not still convinced about the potential effectiveness of Pinterest, this post on “Why Pinterest is 1,680 Times Better than Facebook” (especially now with Facebook limiting reach so severely) shares the following:

  • Pinterest Drives Traffic and Sales
  • On Pinterest, Content Lives Forever (Or Comes Pretty Close)
  • Pinterest Loves Brands
  • It’s Not Just for Women, Fashion, Crafts, and Recipes anymore.  Even men love it!

And even more importantly … Pinterest has gone way beyond  the early days of being thought of as just another social media platform.  In reality it’s a super powerful search engine.  Yes … Pinterest can get you to the front page of Google!  (It’s actually happened to me for numerous keyword combinations, in spite of the fact that my Disney website is not fully developed)! Finally, for those of you who still aren’t convinced that Pinterest is as important for your business as Facebook,  there’s one more article I’d love to share from Forbes: “Top-Ranked Relevant Brands: Lessons Learned from Pinterest, Waze, BAND-AID and Disney” If you click on the chart on that page, you’ll be in for quite a surprise!

Pinterest is ranked No. 5 overall – above even my own much-beloved Disney, which came in at No. 9!

And where was Facebook on this list? Well, according to the article, “… no other social media platform even cracks the top 50. (That’s especially astonishing since most Americans now check Facebook, which comes in at a lowly 103, at least several times a day.)” The only brands ranked higher than Pinterest?

  • Apple
  • Google
  • Amazon
  • Netflix

And all of these have been around a LOT longer than Pinterest has!

So now that you’re convinced that you should either be on Pinterest or start doing more with it, what’s holding you back?  From surveys and past experience with my own clients, I’ve found that it comes down to 2 things:

1)   Lack of time – whether it’s to actually learn yet another platform or be active on it
2)   Lack of knowledge – on how to best optimize it to get results

The good news is that I can help you with both of these!  I can handle Pinterest for you completely – or teach you to do it yourself effectively (in a one-on-one session or strategy report).

Please check out the testimonials others have left regarding my services.

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“PIN IT” Image Credit: John Smith – stock.adobe.com

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