About My Pinning Process

As a Pinterest Marketing Strategist and Account Manager, I offer a level of service that goes far beyond what a Pinterest VA can offer.  I don’t just pin – I pin strategically. That means I take considerable time to do keyword and hashtag research for not just your account and boards, but for every single pin.  And I also keep up with CURRENT Pinterest “best practices” on a daily basis – which is a must since they’re continually changing.  What works today may not work in a month or two.

And when curating pins for your account from others (to grow your reputation as an authority in your niche), I take the extra steps of clicking through first before pinning (to verify that the content is accurate and current, that there are no ads that might be objectionable on the site, and that the pin does not lead to spam). And then I rework that pin’s description as well as your own descriptions to maximize the Pinterest Smart Feed for YOUR account.
As you can imagine, all this takes considerable time and is so much more than what the average VA might do for your account (who may actually be doing MORE pinning but putting less time into it). But I know – from personal experience – that the highly-focused level of pinning that I provide is what makes the difference in getting your account seen, followed, and most importantly of all … in growing your own authority and  gaining traffic to your site.


As Kate Ahl, owner of Simple Pin Media put it so perfectly:

One amazing pin is better than 10 blah pins. Pin the best and you’ll be rewarded.

And this is my philosophy as well … and why I take the extra time needed to pin quality pins over quantity.


Because budgets vary, I currently offer 3 levels of pinning.  The most important thing is that Pinterest likes to see DAILY activity from your account.  And I’ve seen accounts benefit from as little as 5 pins a day.  I even saw one client’s stats triple in the first two months of working with him – and that was with just pinning those 5 pins a day – EVERY day. 

Note and a bit of strategy:  I recently resumed pinning a minimum of 15 pins a day to my account and my numbers have sky-rocketed.  So I no longer recommend the 5 pins a day plan – if you can do more.  Although you’ll still see results from 5 a day, you’ll definitely benefit more – and faster – if you go higher. The sweet spot is currently 15 to 30  pins a day – as I write this.  (As previously mentioned, Pinterest is a constantly changing game).

*Additionally, in an online session back in the spring of 2018, it actually came out that Pinterest likes to see at least 70 pins a week.  Even so, they continue to stress that it’s not so much the number of pins – but consistency in pinning daily – that will benefit you the most.

But – pinning more than 30 pins a day is not really worth your time – and can even hurt you. This happens because Pinterest may view you as flooding the feed with too many pins and “spamming the feed”.  As a result, Pinterest may throttle back on your account and actually show your pins less in the feed – definitely not the result we want!

But for those who are on a limited budget, 5 quality pins a day is definitely enough to get you in the game and start seeing growth and increased traffic.  Again – Kate’s statement above says it all.  Pinterest recognizes and rewards quality pins – and it’s my #1 goal to make sure that’s what you have on YOUR account!

Please check out the testimonials others have left regarding my services.

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