A Little About Me

First of all, I’m so glad you stopped by! 

And even if you don’t sign up for one of my Pinterest Services, I’m always happy to answer any of your Pinterest questions.  Just use my contact form and I’ll get back to you shortly.  I LOVE “talking Pinterest” and helping others get maximum benefit from it.

And next … you may be wondering … why the “ears”, Linda?

Even though I’m since moved on to focus most of my attention on other accounts, my very first account was this one on Pinterest. 

You see, Disney has been one of my other passions … which is why I find the Forbes article referenced on my home page so interesting.

They’re both ranked as one of the top 10 relevant brands in the world today … but Pinterest was ranked even higher than Disney at the time!  (Yes … even though I already know  the value of Pinterest, I too was shocked by this)!  But it does reinforce the fact that if you have a business – whether online or local – Pinterest is vital  to your success!

A Little Bit About My Own Pinterest Journey

I myself actually got started on Pinterest totally by accident.  At the time, I was writing a guidebook for Disney World.  I was also taking a 6-month course in Social Media Certification, and one of the final projects required us to set up and fully optimize 3 social media platforms.

I figured Pinterest would be a great way to help me personally organize my research.  So I created boards for general tips, the resortsmoney-saving tips the food, and so forth.  It worked great as a research tool!  And it helped me complete my course.  But I really didn’t think much more about it, other than using it for my book.


And then the holidays hit.  And then the flu.  By the time I got back to taking another look at my Pinterest account about a month later, I had hundreds of followers – and was absolutely shocked!  After all, I’d done nothing to promote that account, had done nothing more on it – and had actually totally neglected it!

I was so used to social media being WORK – and a LOT of it!  I’ve never had a platform grow on its own like that without any attention at all from me.  (And this was after those “early adopter days” when people would see crazy growth leading to millions of followers).


Remember that chart I showed you on my home page about how long a pin can last and how other people can grow your account for you by repinning your content?  This is what happened for my account … and can happen for yours too! 


Well naturally when I saw what was happening, I immediately felt guilty that I hadn’t been providing any fresh content for these hundreds of new followers.  So I got busy with not only pinning, but also in learning everything I could about this fascinating platform.  And I continue to educate myself daily on all things Pinterest.   Obsessively keeping up with all the many (and constant) changes is my passion and part of what makes Pinterest so much fun – although definitely a bit challenging!

And here’s a little more about my Pinterest qualifications

  • I have been actively managing Pinterest accounts for others since early 2015.  Because of my Disney-focused background, I was initially approached by Orlando-area businesses and Disney bloggers to manage their accounts.  But Pinterest “best practices” can be applied to ANY type of business … anywhere.  I’ve since worked with businesses in multiple countries:  a food blogger, other bloggers, an interior designer, wedding consultants, coaches (health, wellness, spiritual, and business), a dog trainer, a musician, authors, eCommerce businesses including Etsy shops, and a web designer.
  • I was invited to serve on 2 user-advisory groups for Pinterest itself: One was for travel writers. The other focused on helping Pinterest discover “bugs” in their platform.
  • I’ve assisted with Pinterest support questions as a member of their panel of “Expert Pinners“.
  • Pinterest has featured several of my boards on their Facebook page and in their weekly emails, including my Saving Money at Disney World and Disney World with Kids.
  • Fourteen of my boards have been named to various “Best of Pinterest” lists by other websites.  Many of these were for my Disney travel tips. But KISS-FM of El Paso, Texas also included my Disney Crafts board on their list of “7 Disney-Themed Pinterest Boards to Follow Immediately.   And This Fairy Tale Life  listed my Disney Weddings board as one of “10 Pinterest Accounts to Follow for Disney Wedding Ideas.
Although I’ve been honored by each of these, my greatest thrill is still when I see one of my client’s accounts also flourish.  And I look forward to doing my best to help yours succeed as well!

Let me put my passion, knowledge, and dedication to work for you.  If you’d like a little more information about what it’s like to work with me … please check out the testimonials others have left as well .

I look forward to helping YOU with YOUR business … and growing it through the power of Pinterest!

Please check out the testimonials others have left regarding my services.

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